Readers ask: Youtube How To Play Voodoo Child?

What pedals are used in voodoo child?

He used a wah pedal during the opening to “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, creating one of the best-known wah-wah riffs of the classic rock era. A key component to achieving a Hendrix tone is fuzz distortion. Hendrix used a Fuzzface pedal to add more dirt and drive to his amp.

What key is voodoo child in?

E minor

Which Wah did Hendrix use?

Wah Pedal Options Hendrix used VOX wahs and the Vox V847A is a popular option as shown above to the right. It’s a simple wah at a good price so if you’re simply looking for a basic and affordable option, the VOX is a safe choice.

What does wah pedal do?

A wah-wah pedal is a tone filter—also called an envelope filter—that a musician can control with his or her feet. The wah-wah pedal gets its name for its similarity to the human voice, which can also rapidly glide through tonal frequencies.

What is the tuning for Voodoo Child?

1. Tune to Eb. 2. Play the song in E.

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