Readers ask: How To Turn Off Shuffle Play On Spotify Mobile?

Why is my Spotify stuck on shuffle?

If stuck in shuffle, go into song view, and deselect (unhighlight) the shuffle symbol (intersecting curvy arrows in lower left corner). Then select any song in your list and it will play in the established order. So if for any reason you are on shuffle on any device then it defaults to shuffle to all devices.

Can’t turn off shuffle on Spotify?

Is there a way to turn it off? In Android, click cover image and it will go to Now playing view. There you can turn off Shuffle. Clicked the crossed arrows.

How do I get my playlist to stop shuffling?

How to turn off shuffle

  1. Tap the song that’s playing at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap the Playing Next button. in the lower-right corner.
  3. Tap the Shuffle button. to turn Shuffle Off.

Where is the shuffle button on Spotify Iphone?

Go to a playlist and tap a track to play it. Press the I button to open a pop-up window, displaying information from that track. The Shuffle button appears in the pop-up window. Tap the Shuffle button, and the Shuffle icon in the button turns green.

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How do I get my Spotify playlist to play in order?

Play Spotify in order on the desktop:

  1. Open Spotify on your computer.
  2. Double-click the first song from an album.
  3. Check the Shuffle button, if it’s green, click on it to disable it.
  4. Now you’ll be able to play any album on Spotify in order.

Why is Apple music stuck on shuffle?

Answer: A: Pull up the album with the song list. Swipe Up on this screen to expose Shuffle, Repeat controls and upcoming songs list. Tap Shuffle button to turn it on/off.

How do I get my playlist to play in order?

Select the name of the playlist you want to work with. This opens the complete list of songs on the playlist in the main iTunes window. Songs are displayed in the current order they play. To reorder a song in your playlist, select its title and drag it to a new position.

How do I get my iPhone to play songs in order?

Open the Now Playing screen and scroll down. to set Music to always shuffle a list of songs selected. Any album, playlist, or set of songs will play in a random order.

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