Readers ask: How To Say Play In Spanish Like Theater?

What is another word for play in Spanish?

Jugar | Spanish Thesaurus – SpanishDict.

How do you say I went to the theater in Spanish?

I went to the movie theater with some friends last night. Fui al cine con unos amigos anoche.

How do you say movie theater in Spanish?

“movie theater” in Spanish

  1. cine.
  2. sala cinematográfica.
  3. sala de cine.
  4. biógrafo.
  5. cinematógrafo.
  6. continuado.
  7. teatro.
  8. rotativo.

How do you say goodnight in Spanish?

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish. Buenas noches is how you say goodnight in Spanish.

What does Ole mean in Spanish?

olé / (əʊˈleɪ) / interjection. an exclamation of approval or encouragement customary at bullfights, flamenco dancing, and other Spanish or Latin American events.

How do you say go to the movies in Spanish?

go to the movies v expr. ir al cine loc verb.

What is the word lesson in Spanish?

lesson noun lessons. clase, curso; lección.

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