Readers ask: How To Play Against Zilean?

How do you play against a Zilean?

An important point to laning against a Zilean support is that you can use his bombs against him in some cases. When possible, you can let the bomb detonate inside of your creep wave either damaging or outright killing the minions.

Is Zilean a good support?

Zilean is an amazing support and mid-lane champion. He combines massive AoE stuns and decent damage with a team-fight winning ultimate.

What ADC is good with Zilean?

Cait and Jinx are probably the better ones since they don’t suck too much in the laning phase and synergyze well with him for the rest of the game.

How do you play against Zilean support Reddit?

As support: Basically you want to force him to use rewind as often as possible. You can’t really stop him from using his entire mana pool to bomb you, so making him use rewind from extending trades makes him waste mana early on and opens up a giant window where he’s extremely weak (when rewind is on CD.)

What is Zilean?

Zilean bends time around any unit, decreasing an enemy’s Move Speed or increasing an ally’s Move Speed for a short time.

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Who counters Vayne?

League of Legends Wild Rift Vayne Counters are Draven, Miss Fortune, and Tristana, which have the best chance of winning Vayne in the lane.

What type of support is zilean?

The great thing about zilean is that he scales decently well with most stats. He can use AP items, heal/shield items (as it scales his ult), as well as tanky support items (think locket).

Is zilean good low ELO?

Yes. In fact any champion that you can play well, is good in low elo. I have had great success with Zilean in silver.

Can zilean ULT while stunned?

Please note her ultimate is a stun and you cannot ult while stunned!

What ADCS are good with Soraka?

Generally ADC’s that don’t have super high mobility since Soraka can’t really keep up. For example, despite her tumble Vayne tends to not get too far away. Varus is also a really good pick for Soraka since his ulti leaves him vulnerable to counter ganks while he’s using it. Kogmaw doesn’t get too far either.

Who counters Samira ADC?

Who counters Samira? The best counter against Samira is Kog’Maw, and two great ones are Draven and Miss Fortune.

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