Readers ask: How To Play A Perfect Straight Drive?

How do you do a straight drive?

Shift your body weight to the front foot. When you shift your body weight to the front foot, your right foot should be on the toe and your right leg should be straight. When the ball comes to you, get ready to play the straight drive shot. When the ball reaches you, move your arms forward in the line of the ball.

How can I practice cover drive?

They should try to drop the ball at the point on the pitch where you would usually strike the cover drive. This should be on the off side of your body, slightly outside your off stump, and about half a metre away from you. As the ball drops, keep your eye on the ball and step towards it with your front foot.

What is a Coverdrive?

The cover drive in cricket is the act of stroking the ball through the covers with well-timed wristwork and conventional movement of the front foot toward the pitch of a delivery aimed at or outside the off stump. The cover drive is considered one of the most graceful shots playable in the sport.

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Who plays best straight drive?

New Delhi: Rated as one of the greatest to have ever held a bat, Sachin Tendulkar holds most of the cricketing records like most runs and centuries in the international arena. Known to be a master at playing the straight drive, former English top-order batsman Ian Bell gave his thoughts on Tendulkar.

What is hook shot in cricket?

A hook is a shot taken when the ball is pitched outside the leg stump and the ball comes up to the batsman at shoulder height. The batsman hits the ball towards the ‘on’ side boundary. It is like when the ball comes somewhere between his head and his chest, so the ball is hooked.

How can I improve my front foot defense?

The key points to the forward defence are: Get your head in line with the ball. Get your weight right into the ball. Don’t push at the ball, let the ball hit the bat not the bat hit the ball. Angle the bat towards the ground so the ball doesn’t go in the air.”

How can I improve my offside batting?

Work on dropping the ball in front of you and to the off and leg side with soft hands to get off strike. 2. Practice in the nets against your team’s bowlers, working through this stage and then building your innings. If you don’t simulate in practice what you want to do in the middle it isn’t going to happen.

Who is the best timer of the ball in cricket?

Australian batsman Shaun Marsh may be a lot of things but as far as the gift of timing is concerned, he is one of the very best in the world at the moment. When he first came to the international stage, it was his gift of timing that caught everyone’s eye and the relative ease with which he could time his strokes.

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How do you time the ball?

My 11 tips for improving your batting timing in cricket are as follows:

  1. Make sure your technique allows you to time the ball well.
  2. Stay calm while you’re at the crease.
  3. Teach yourself to watch the ball carefully.
  4. Transfer your weight into your shots.
  5. Try to play the ball late.

How can I watch cricket ball during batting?

My tips for watching the ball while batting in cricket are as follows:

  1. Use Verbal Reminders Before Each Delivery.
  2. Choose A Method of How You Watch The Ball And Stick To It.
  3. Face Plenty Of Deliveries In Practice.
  4. Keep Your Eyes Level.
  5. Add Specific Ball Watching Drills To Your Practice Sessions.

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