Readers ask: How To Hard Reset Moto E5 Play?

How do I hard reset my Moto e5?

1. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time until the device turns on. To reset the device:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Reset.
  2. Touch Factory Data Reset.
  3. Touch Reset Phone.
  4. Enter your Screen Lock.
  5. Select Erase Everything to begin the reset.

How do I hard reset my Motorola phone?

From the “Android system recovery” screen, press and hold the Power button then press and release the Volume Up button to display the menu options. Select wipe data/factory reset. Utilize the Volume buttons to highlight and the Power button to tap. Select Yes — delete all user data.

How can I unlock my Moto e5 without password?

What can I do if I forgot my passcode or pattern lock? If you forgot your PIN, pattern, or password for unlocking your screen, you need to erase your phone, set it up again, and set a new screen lock. Fortunately, most of your content should be restored when you re-enter your Gmail information during the device set up.

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How do I put my Moto e5 in recovery mode?

Press the Volume Down button twice to highlight ‘Recovery mode’ then press the Power button to select. The Motorola screen will display with ‘Recovery Mode’ at the top of the screen. Press and hold the Power button for up to 10 seconds, then release. The Android recovery screen appears.

How can I activate Moto e5 without SIM card?

You will need to insert SIM card in the phone and go to a set up process. Then remove the SIM card after the set up is done. After that you can use the phone without any SIM card.

What is recovery mode?

Android devices have a feature called Android Recovery Mode, which allows users to fix some problems in their phones or tablets. Technically, Recovery Mode Android refers to a special bootable partition, which contains a recovery application installed in it.

How do I force restart my Motorola?

Press and hold the Power button for approximately 10 – 20 seconds or until the device power cycles. Allow several seconds for the reboot process to complete. If the reboot is not successful, press and hold the Volume down & Power button together for 30- 40 seconds.

How do I unlock my Moto e5 screen?

moto e5 play – Unlock Screen

  1. Press the Power button (upper-right edge).
  2. Depending upon the screen lock type, do one of the following: Swipe the Lock icon. Draw the current unlock pattern. Enter the current PIN or password. Touch the fingerprint sensor located below the display.
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How do I reboot my Moto e5?

While holding the Power button, press the Volume up button. Release both buttons. Press the volume buttons to scroll to ‘Userdata + personalized content’ and press the Power button to select it. Use the volume buttons to scroll to ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power button to select it.

What does no command mean in recovery mode?

By Karrar Haider in Android. Android “no command” error usually shows up when you try to access the recovery mode or while installing a new software update. In most cases, your phone is just waiting for a command to access recovery options.

How do I turn off my Moto e5?

Press and hold the Power button until the “Power off” option appears then release. Tap Power off. Once the device is powered off, press and hold the Power button until the moto logo appears then release.

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