Quick Answer: Tchoukball How To Play?

What are the rules of tchoukball?

Players can throw the ball at one rebounder a maximum of 3 times. After the third time, the ball must be thrown at the opposite rebounder. A player may not touch the ball more than once (not allowed to pass to one’s self) unless the ball is defected or hit from the hands of the defender from the opposing team.

How do you start the game tchoukball?

The start and the restarts take place behind the back line and beside either side of the frame; in the case of a restart, it takes place beside the frame on which the last point was scored. The player starting or restarting the game will throw the ball from a position fully outside of the field of play.

How do you win in tchoukball?

Two teams of 7 players each (men or women) compete to score points with the team with the most points at the end winning the game. When a team gains a point, control of the ball is transferred to the other team. In tchoukball either team can score at either end of the court.

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What are the 3 rules of 3 in tchoukball?

The “Rule of Three” is in effect although it is slightly different. You are allowed three (3) seconds to hold the ball. You are allowed to take three (3) steps with the ball in your possession and you are allowed three (3) dribbles. The offensive team must move the ball by passing down the court.

What is not allowed while playing tchoukball?

During the course of the game, the players of each team are not allowed to interfere with players of the other team: they may not intercept passes, interfere with the movements of the person carrying the ball or his teammates, or stop a defender from positioning himself to catch the ball after the rebound.

What is the forbidden zone in tchoukball?

The Forbidden Zone: In front of each frame, is a half circle with a three meter radius, called the forbidden zone. A player can only be in this zone if they have just thrown the ball on the frame, passed the ball, or solicited a pass. In either situation the player may not touch the ground while holding the ball.

What are three penalties in tchoukball?

A player commits a penalty if:

  • he takes more than 3 steps on the floor while in possession of the ball.
  • he holds the ball for more than 3 seconds.
  • he makes more than 3 passes (a pop up with the ball is considered a pass.)
  • he drops the ball after it is passed or if the ball hits the ground (incomplete pass.)

How many seconds do you have to hold the ball before throwing it?

A closely guarded player holding the ball has 5 seconds to either pass or advance the ball toward the hoop. When called, possession of the ball goes to the opposite team.

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Is there defense in tchoukball?

With no body contact, injuries are minimized. No player can steal the ball nor intercept a pass, instead rewarding strategy and cooperation as teams play on both offense and defense. Tchoukball is easy to play. All the players must be involved, both on offense and defense.

What happens if you drop the ball in tchoukball?

The uniqueness of the game of Tchoukball is that it does not allow the defense to guard players. These are the same rules for Tchoukball. If a team drops the ball then the other team gets the ball at the spot of the drop and resets, at which time they are now on offense.

Where is tchoukball most popular?

This Federation is affiliated to “Federation International De Tchouk Ball ” & Asia Pacific Tchoukball Federation. TchoukBall is getting popularity Day by Day in India.

What do you need for tchoukball?

To play tchoukball, two official tchoukball rebound surfaces and a handball ball are needed. The game is played on a handball court (20X40 meters, or about 66 feet by 132 feet) between two teams of nine players or on a basketball court between teams of six or seven players.

Is dribbling allowed in tchoukball?

3. A player cannot run while holding the ball. Only one step is allowed. No dribble is involved because there is no blocking.

How long can each player hold the ball during game play before a penalty is called?

4.3 Five Seconds: If a player is closely guarded (within six feet) in the front court and holds the ball for more than five seconds, or dribbles the ball for more than five seconds then a violation will be called. Penalty: Turnover.

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