Quick Answer: How To Play Soraka Lol?

Is Soraka easy to play?

Compared to the majority of the other 154 current champions in League of Legends, Soraka is arguably one of, if not the most accessible, champion to get a hold of on Summoner’s Rift. Her abilities are straightforward and easy to master. She requires very little mechanical skill of the player.

Is Soraka good for beginners?

It is nice for beginners, who can’t farm as good with their support items yet and build items slowly. If you think you can reach the CDR you need without it, you can use Celerity. This will allow you to gain more movement, which Soraka lacks, to roam and to run from dangerous situations.

Is Soraka good lol?

Soraka is a good egg and an easy champion to learn (and to climb with). It’s pretty hard to not control your laner when you’re playing as Soraka, and she can provide tons of utility for the team, no matter where she is.

Is Soraka strong?

Soraka has taken over the top lane this patch. What makes Soraka so strong in the top lane is her ability to sustain with low mana cost abilities that heal herself for a significant amount. She can negate any trade damage with her Q’s self-healing and movement speed, and go relatively even with most top lane champions.

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Is Soraka a unicorn?

Introduction. Soraka is a unicorn, as such is a being of immense mystical power that doesn’t exist in the real world, as such she must remain hidden in the jungle as not to explode the heads of mere mortals that discover this supernatural being.

Can Soraka carry games?

Now as for carrying: As a support you will rarely carry a game through tons of damage and kills. Instead, you carry games by making calls, by proper vision control and saving your teammates. Soraka has the potential to turn games simply because she has really powerful tools and an incredible ultimate.

Which ADC with Soraka?

Generally ADC’s that don’t have super high mobility since Soraka can’t really keep up. For example, despite her tumble Vayne tends to not get too far away. Varus is also a really good pick for Soraka since his ulti leaves him vulnerable to counter ganks while he’s using it. Kogmaw doesn’t get too far either.

Can you climb with Soraka?

I find raka easy to climb with since she meshes well with pretty much anyone (atleast imo) but if you struggle try finding a reliable adc or Jungler. It will make it easier.

How can I be good at Soraka?

Overall, the tips for early laning phase would be

  1. Q Poke and AA when possible to wear down enemy HP.
  2. Learning E/W at level 2 really depends on your match-up below.
  3. Map awareness early game does help your teammates win skirmishes in early game.
  4. Get boots asap to start roaming efficiently.

How do I get better at Soraka?

Soraka Top Tips

  1. Don’t overcommit trying to win the lane.
  2. Focus on losing the lane gracefully: don’t die (preferably at all) and keep the turret alive.
  3. Use Q to last hits minions as well as keep the lane from under your turret.
  4. Q is a solid detection tool to see whether enemies are doing Rift Herald.

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