Quick Answer: How To Play Crossword Scratchers?

How do you play a crossword scratch off?

Scratch the “Your Letters” and “Bonus Letters” then scratch the corresponding letters found in the “Crossword” puzzle and “Bonus Word.” If you have scratched at least 3 complete words in the puzzle, you win the corresponding prize shown in the “Prize Legend.”

How much is a crossword scratch ticket?

$3 per play. Prize payout: 64.98 per cent. Overall odds of winning: 1 in 3.23.

How do you play Super Bonus on crossword 3rd Edition?

How to play the Super Bonus Crossword bonus game online:

  1. To play the game, simply click or tap on any of the 18 YOUR LETTERS boxes that appear above the crossword puzzle.
  2. Click or tap on any letter in the crossword puzzle that matches any of YOUR LETTERS to complete words in the puzzle.

What do the 3 letters on a scratch off mean?

The three letter code was an indication of whether the scratch – off was a winner or not. An FTN for example, meant the ticket was a $15 winner. If the code was FHN, the ticket was a $500 winner. These codes are used by many states on their scratch – off tickets.

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How do you win Cashword?

If the revealed 20 letters form 3 or more completed words on the CASHWORD PUZZLE 1, or PUZZLE 2, you win the corresponding prize shown in the prize key for that PUZZLE. If the revealed 20 letters complete the BONUS WORD, you win the prize shown in the BONUS WORD prize spot.

How do you play Candy Cane Cashword?

To play the game, players scratch YOUR LETTERS underneath the eighteen candy canes plus the under the two Bonus Letters candy canes to find your twenty letters. Then, players match those letters to each of the occurrences of the letters in the game puzzle.

How do you play scratch and win?

To play, you simply:

  1. Choose a Scratch & Win ticket from your local lottery retailer.
  2. Scratch the play area to reveal the numbers or symbols and see if they match. Make sure to check the instructions on the back of your ticket as games may vary from one to another.
  3. Check your ticket to see if you’ve won or lost.

How do you pick a scratch ticket in Ontario?

Top Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Winning Scratch Cards

  1. Don’t Buy The Cheapest Ones.
  2. Check The Small Print.
  3. Buy In Bulk.
  4. Play Them Like Slots.
  5. Keep Your Old Tickets.
  6. Submit All Losing Tickets.
  7. Study The Scratch Cards.
  8. Be Strict With Your Budget.

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