Quick Answer: Flashpad Air How To Play?

How do you use a FlashPad?

Press the ON/OFF button once to turn on the FlashPad AIR ™. The button is located on the thin left side of the FlashPad AIR ™. After turning on, 12 touch-icons will light up RED and background music will play. Simply tap one of the twelve games by touching the corresponding touch-icon.

How do I play music through my FlashPad?

Tap the “music me” icon, the screen will stay blank for 2 seconds. During this time, you can select the lightshow button to select the song you would like to play. Objective: Follow by tapping the red icon from the game tap area(the bottom of the screen), A whole song will play if you hit the red buttons correctly.

What is a FlashPad air?

Everyone will want a turn playing with the FlashPad Air. This handheld electronic touchscreen game lights up your household with hours of entertainment. The FlashPad Air offers 12 built-in games that call upon your eye-hand coordination, recognition skills, memory, and dexterity to win.

How do you play find me on FlashPad?

GAME SELECT MODE: ALASHPAD Push the ON/OFF button once to switch on FlashPad™ 3.0. 8 Touch-Icons will light up in RED and background music beat will be played. Now select one of the eight games (Chase Me/Find Me/Twist Me/Remember Me!

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How do you play follow me on the cube?

2 Speed Games:

  1. Chase Me- Don’t let the moving light get out of your sight! Race it with your fingers by pressing the buttons while rotating the cube.
  2. Catch Me- Quickly press the blinking red lights before time runs out while avoiding green lights and grabbing some “bonus” blue lights!

How do I play music on FlashPad infinite?

Slide the ON/OFF switch once to turn on the FlashPad INFINITE™. The switch is located at the top of the FlashPad INFINITE™. After turning on, 16 touch-icons will light up RED and background music will play.

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