Question: How To Play Persona 4 On Ps4?

Can Persona 4 Golden be played on PS4?

No. As of writing, there is no sign of a Persona 4 Golden PS4 release date. You can currently play the expanded remake of the game on the PS Vita and on PC via Steam.

Can I just play Persona 4?

The best way to play Persona 4 is actually to play Persona 3 first. Within Persona 4, there are several allusions and references to Persona 3, both big and small. In addition, with the release of Persona 4 Arena, the games P3, P4, and P4A are all considered to be part of the same saga.

How expensive is Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 Golden, the enhanced version of Persona 4 for PlayStation Vita, is launching for PC via Steam. The game is available as a standard version for $19.99 or a deluxe edition — which includes the digital soundtrack and art book — for $24.99.

Is it worth buying a PS Vita for Persona 4 Golden?

The PC port of Persona 4 Golden means that PS Vita is officially dead. Persona 4 Golden is the highest rated PS Vita game on review aggregator site Metacritic and consistently tops best PS Vita game lists. If you haven’t tried out this game before, it’s definitely worth giving a shot on PC with one major caveat.

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Will there be a persona 6?

Right now, there’s no confirmed release date for Persona 6, but the game has been teased by its developer Atlus. September 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Persona series and to celebrate, Atlus is announcing seven projects surrounding the series starting that month, according to Polygon.

How long does it take to finish Persona 4?

Players can expect a straightforward playthrough of Persona 4 Golden’s story to take about 69 hours on average. Those looking to breeze through it will be able to finish in around 47 hours.

Should I play Persona 4 with a controller?

I’d still say a controller is the best way to experience Persona 4 Golden, if only because keyboard controls force your character to run in a less natural manner. Still, they’re there if you want them. Unfortunately, some elements of Persona 4 Golden on PC aren’t particularly stable, at least in its pre-release state.

Can you play Persona 4 in Japanese?

On PC, bring up the menu by pressing the triangle or Y button, then click on the Config option. From here, go to the Audio tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and use the d-pad to switch to English or Japanese voices, then press X or the A button to confirm your selection and save your settings.

Can I play Persona 3 without playing?

No. The story is standalone so you can jump in and understand everything without playing any of the previous games.

Is Persona 4 better than golden?

Persona 4 Golden is the 2014 rerelease of the classic PlayStation 2 JRPG. The upgrade from the PS2 version of Persona 4 to the PS Vita Persona 4 Golden didn’t just come with some texture updates and a new platform. Through almost every aspect of the game, there have been tweaks and additions.

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Is Persona 4 or 5 better?

Verdict: Main cast-wise, Persona 4 has the better group dynamic, Persona 5 has stronger individual personalities. Persona 5 handily wins in the supporting character department.

Are Persona 4 and 5 connected?

Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 all share the same setting, due to references made in each game. The cast of Persona 4 is referenced in Persona 5, as Goro Akechi is described as being the second coming of the Detective Prince, with Naoto Shirogane (one of the party members in Persona 4), being the first.

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