Question: How To Play Like Bob Weir?

Does Bob Weir use a pick?

Bob Weir’s Guitars The Deluxe Bedford guitar has been getting great reviews for being insanely versatile, thanks to the great pickups in it. The Bob Weir Bedford has two Seymour Duncan P-90 pikcups which sandwich a Lollar Blonde single-coil pickup nestled in the middle of the guitar.

Is Bob Weir a vegetarian?

He said about his meat free lifestyle, I became more spiritual and just went off meat.” Bob Weir – Guitarist and founding member of The Grateful Dead.

How old is Bobby Weir?

Bob Weir enjoyed a NorCal homecoming on July 24, performing with his expanded Wolf Bros lineup at The Greek in Berkeley. Weir’s band included mainstays Jay Lane and Don Was as well as keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, pedal steel master Greg Leisz and The Wolfpack string/horn section.

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