Question: How To Play Checkers Pdf?

What are the basic rules of checkers?

How to Play Standard American Checkers

  • Move Only on Dark Squares. Moves are allowed only on the dark squares, so pieces always move diagonally.
  • Move Only One Square at a Time.
  • Capture Pieces With Jumps.
  • Remove Captured Pieces.
  • Jumps (or Captures) Must Be Made.
  • How Pieces Become Kings.
  • How Kings Move.
  • Moving Kings vs.

What is the object of the game in checkers?

The object of the game is to be the last player standing. A player wins the game when his opponent can no longer make a move. This happens when all his opponent’s pieces have been captured or when all of his opponent’s pieces are blocked in. Each player begins with 12 pieces placed on the game board as shown.

How do you score in Checkers?

The points when winning, tying or losing a game depend on the scoring of the opponent. at the most 30 points are added or subtracted. Example 1: if both players have the same points, the winner will receive 15 points and the loser will lose 15. If a player leaves the game or surrenders, he/she will lose the game.

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Can I double jump in checkers?

Can you jump 2 checkers at once? Most variations of the game of checkers, allows players to execute double or triple jump moves. The only restriction to a multiple jump move is that you have to do it with the same checkers piece. Single or multiple jump moves with two different pieces are not allowed.

What is king in checkers?

Capturing an Opponent’s Checker If you jump an opponent’s checker, you capture it. Remove it from the gameboard and place it in front of you. Becoming a “King” As soon as one of your checkers reaches the first row on your opponent’s side of the gameboard, it becomes a King.

How do you start checkers?

Each player begins the game with 12 pieces, or checkers, placed in the three rows closest to him or her. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s checkers or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves. Basic movement is to move a checker one space diagonally forward.

What are the 16 pieces in chess called?

The chess pieces are what you move on a chessboard when playing a game of chess. There are six different types of chess pieces. Each side starts with 16 pieces: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king.

How do you play checkers like a pro?

Basic Strategies for Winning at Checkers

  1. Control the Center.
  2. Checkers Is Not a Game That Can Be Won by Playing Defensively.
  3. Your Goal Should Be Getting a Checker to the End of the Board.
  4. Advance en Masse.
  5. Be Willing to Sacrifice a Checker If Necessary.
  6. Use Forced Moves to Your Advantage.
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Can a single checker jump a king?

Checkers can not jump Kings. When moving and not jumping, Kings can only move one square at a time in any direction to an empty space along a diagonal.

Can you jump corners in Checkers?

Can you jump corners in Checkers? This means that you may not jump an opposing piece around a corner. On a capturing move, a piece may make multiple jumps. If after a jump a player is in a position to make another jump then he may do so.

How do you win first move in checkers?

Tips to win Checkers

  1. Take Control of the Center.
  2. Play offensive.
  3. Play according to the strength of your position.
  4. Never move a piece without a notive.
  5. Stick together when you advance.
  6. Crown your pieces to kings.
  7. Sacrifice a checker if needed.
  8. Trade pieces when you are ahead.

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