Question: How To Get Rich In Line Play?

How do you get a lot of money in LINE PLAY?

You can earn gems just by playing the game and completing the daily quest on the game. And you can earn exclusive items too! And you can earn exclusive items too!

  1. Look out for Notifications. Line Play’s Facebook will sometimes have events that can earn you gems.
  2. Competitions.
  3. Watch Videos.

How do you get free cash on LINE PLAY?

While gems are relatively easy to earn, there are only a few ways to earn cash in the game.

  1. Buy them with money. Buying cash is one of the few ways to obtain them.
  2. Events. Occasionally, LINE Play hold events where you can earn some free cash.
  3. Competitions.
  4. Login Bonus.

How do you get stars in LINE PLAY?

How To Collect Stars

  1. Collecting stars from the Today’s Gift Log (found in the Quests list). It can get you up to VIP Gold each month before it resets.
  2. Stars are given as a bonus for purchasing Gems, Cash, or Hearts from the Charge Store with real life money.
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How do you get blueprints in LINE PLAY?

There are 2 types of Blueprints: free Blueprints, and Blueprints that you can get by collecting Smiles. Blueprints are saved permanently once you get them, so you can make the item on the Blueprint whenever you want.

How do you level up in line play?

The Upgrade feature allows players to upgrade a certain Gachapon item to have a higher rarity. The upgraded item usually has a unique, special animation and appearance. To upgrade an item, go to the Gacha Shop list and select the Gacha that has an UPGRADE tag. If you have all required items, you’ll be able to upgrade.

How many people play Lineplay?

Be the best you! Make your own unique avatar and meet friends from around the world! Over 75,000,000 people are playing LINE PLAY around the world!

How do you fish in line play?

Tap the Start button to throw a lure into the water, and the button will change to HIT. Once the fish reacts to the lure and the lure sinks into the ocean, tap and then release the HIT button to catch the fish.

How do I get my line play account back?

Your LINE PLAY account cannot be recovered, so please take note when considering deleting your login account. You can log out of LINE PLAY by doing the following:

  1. Tap More on the Home screen.
  2. Tap Profile.
  3. Tap Logout.

What is there to do in LINE PLAY?

LINE PLAY is an avatar creator and suite of virtual environments that users can customize and use to communicate creatively with their family and friends. In addition, users can make their avatars perform unique actions, join chat rooms, and attend special events.

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What does fairy dust do in LINE PLAY?

Fairy Dust is an item you throw into Gramma Wizzy’s cauldron in order to conjure a random Gacha from LINE PLAY’s past or near future!

When was LINE PLAY created?

LINE PLAY started on November 21, 2012, with an official release on December 12.

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