Often asked: How To Play Tongo Star Trek?

Is Ferengi Tongo a real game?

Tongo was a strategic Ferengi game that was a combination of cards and roulette and which was played with two to eight players. The object of the game was to win by acquiring as much wealth as possible.

How does Tongo work?

Tongo. Tongo is a card game played predominantly by the Ferengi. The game centers around a roulette-type wheel with an elevated pot in the middle. On each turn the wheel is spun, and the player has the choice to “evade”, “confront”, “acquire”, or “retreat”.

Is Dom jot a real game?

Dom-jot — Another perfect bar game, dom-jot is sort of a cross between billiards and pinball. A fellow in Quark’s described it as “space snooker,” which sounded more like a horrible new Jersey Shore character than an enjoyable pastime.

What is Dom jot?

Dom-jot was a game played with a ball and cue, called a “proxy”, on a table with an irregular geometric coordination, similar to Terran billiards with certain elements of pinball. A dom-jot table needed to be periodically “rejotted”.

What is a Tongo?

Tongonoun. the mangrove; — so called in the Pacific Islands.

What is Latinum Star Trek?

Latinum was a rare silver-colored liquid metal that was used as currency by the Ferengi Alliance, the Cardassians, and many other worlds. For ease of transaction, latinum was usually suspended within bits of gold as a binding medium to produce gold-pressed latinum. ( DS9: “Who Mourns for Morn?”)

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What does a Dabo girl do?

Dabo girls were females of various species chosen for their apparent beauty, often employed by Ferengi as part of the roulette-style game of chance called dabo during the 24th century.

How do you play Terrace?

The object is to win either by moving your “T” piece from its starting point at one corner to an opposite corner, or by capturing your opponent’s “T”. Players can move any number of squares on the same terrace, and are allowed to jump over their own pieces.

What color is Ferengi blood?

Ferengi physiology is similar to that of their distant relatives, the Dopterians. Average life-span: 140-150 years. They have two lungs arranged vertically and ascending ribs. Their heart rate is faster than that of Humans and their blood is of a yellow color, but it turns dark blue-green when it oxidizes.

Does Nog become a Starfleet officer?

In 2374 Nog became an acting Starfleet ensign following a battlefield commission during the Dominion war.

How do Ferengi say humans?

When many of the Ferengi characters speak of human beings, they generally pronounce the word human as “hew-mon” instead of the traditional pronunciation.

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