Often asked: How To Play Kancolle In The Us?

Can you play KanColle?

KanColle Android – Introduction KanColle Android Title Screen KanColle is now available on both Browser and Android! The Browser and Android App will be synced into one same account as per your DMM account.

How do I access KanColle?

Computer users:

  1. Install SoftEther VPN Client Manager. Then go into VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers.
  2. Connect to a Japan IP address.
  3. Login into the KanColle Game.
  4. After you get into the game, you can disconnect the Japan IP Address and play the game as per usual.

Do you need VPN for KanColle?

VPN or Proxy Note that VPN/Proxy is only required during login (the real gadget server will be accessed via a Japanese IP address) and can be disabled afterward (game servers do not require a Japanese IP). One free option is VPN Gate, an “Academic Experiment Project” by the University of Tsukuba.

Are DMM games safe?

As part of its privacy policy, traffic is first passed through a secure network to conceal the user’s identity. Therefore, when playing a DMM game, you can be assured that no one will get your true IP address. The VPN service also ensures that the traffic from users cannot be decrypted in the future.

Can you play kantai collection on Android?

In order to play the Android version of Kantai Collection players will need to go to DMM’s Play Store and download the App from the DMM Game Store App Center onto their mobile device. From there you can select the app and start up the game.

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How do I make a DMM game?

How to register DMM account

  1. Make sure you are get connected to Japan VPN. Or your account will be register over a foreign IP, you will unable to get all DMM’s resources.
  2. Go to official website of DMM.
  3. You can create DMM account with Email, or social media account (Facebook, Goolge+, or twitter account).

How do I download KanColle to my computer?

Kantai Collection – KanColle

  1. Download VPN from Playstore (ex: Tunnelbear, Betternet)
  2. Download the DMM Appstore from http://www.dmm.com/app/-/appstore/download/
  3. Turn on your VPN (set to Japan) and open DMM Appstore (DMM Appstore need you to use Japan VPN)
  4. Search for Kancolle Android and download it.

Why Azur lane is better than KanColle?

Much of the tedious micromanagement in Kancolle is also streamlined in Azur Lane. Overall, Azur Lane can be enjoyed without incurring a lot of stress. Some players even commented that the gacha rate is more generous than most other mobile games as the rate for the highest rarity is set at 7%.

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