Often asked: How To Play Heroquest?

Can HeroQuest be played solo?

Out of the box HeroQuest is in no way playable solo. But there have been some efforts to automate the enemy in various ways.

What do mind Points do in HeroQuest?

Mind Points come in in one original quest and several expansions in the EU version and in a few Chaos Spells in the US version. They work mostly like BPs, save that zero isn’t death, but heavily incapacitated.

Can you play HeroQuest online?

You can play HeroQuest online here, in web browser for free!

Will HeroQuest ever be re released?

The game is currently only available for those in the US and Canada. If the HeroQuest crowdfunding campaign reaches its $1 million target, the game is expected to arrive with backers next autumn and will be followed by a retail release in late 2021.

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