Often asked: How To Play Golden Sun?

Is Golden Sun difficult?

Accessible in Golden Sun 2 and Partially in 1 (only Normal). In short: it’s a Hard mode, almost 100% minimum level game – for Gameboy Advance Players, without access to a VBA and/ or cheating device. You do this to progress in your game.

How long does it take to play Golden Sun?

Like really long. Proclaimed by Nintendo Power as the best RPG on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) at the time, Golden Sun boasts an impressive average play time of 40.5 hours, according to GameFAQs, though you can easily beat it in 15-20 hours if you ignore all the side quests.

What is Golden Sun game?

The series has received a generally favorable reception by critics. The first Golden Sun game has been widely lauded as among the best games for the Game Boy Advance, with the first game receiving Nintendo Power’s Best GBA Game of 2001 and ranking in IGN’s Readers Choice Top 100 games ever, as number 94.

How do you get golden sun password?

The Password function in the Golden Sun games is a way to transfer data from the first game to the second game. The password is obtained from the first game’s Send menu, which is made accessible by holding left on the D-pad and the R shoulder button simultaneously while pressing Start on the game’s main menu.

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What happened Golden Sun?

Golden Sun is a series which is close to the heart of many a Nintendo fan. It began life on the Game Boy Advance and would later see a release on the Nintendo DS, but the franchise has remained dormant since 2010, and Camelot Software Planning hasn’t shown any signs of reviving it in the past decade.

Are the Golden Sun games connected?

The Golden Sun series on the Gameboy Advance contains the two games that were the entirety of the series for many years. At the same time, they are two stand-alone titles for Game Boy Advance, for they share just about all aspects of game concept and design; the latter continuing the storyline of the former.

Is Golden Sun dead?

Beyond Virtual Console rereleases of the games, Golden Sun is a dead franchise. Which is sad to see as Camelot and Hiroyuki Takahashi are still making games for Nintendo, with their most recent game being Mario Golf: Super Rush that was just released on the Nintendo Switch last week.

Who made Golden Sun?

There are 28 Djinn in total in the first game. (A) means that the Djinni in question is automatically obtained over the course of the story, or that you do not have to fight the Djinni to obtain them.

Is Golden Sun like Pokemon?

The world of Golden Sun is rich and vibrant and offers mechanics like no other RPG on the market. It has elements very similar to Nintendo’s flagship IPs The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, but enough original content to make it stand out among the most popular of RPGs.

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How long is 5o beat?

Based on user ratings on How Long to Beat, The Last of Us Part II takes an average of 20 hours to complete the main story or 24 to complete main and extras. A completionist playing style takes an average of nearly 29 hours to beat the game.

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