Often asked: Brown Sugar How To Play?

What Rolling Stones songs are in open G?

How Keith Richards Plays in Open G Tuning

  • Brown Sugar.
  • Start Me Up.
  • Honky Tonk Women.
  • Sympathy For The Devil.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash.
  • Angie.
  • Paint It Black.

What Rolling Stones songs are in standard tuning?

Honky Tonk Women, Gimme Shelter, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up, Angie, Wild Horses, Jumping Jack Flash, Midnight Rambler, Street Fightin’ Man, Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’, Under My Thumb.

What key is ZZ Top brown sugar in?

Brown Sugar

  • E Minor. key.
  • 9A. camelot.
  • 107. BPM.
  • 5:25. duration.

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