How To Play Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

How do you play virtual villagers origins?

To get playing Virtual Villagers: Origins, you’ll need to download it first by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can go ahead and tap on its icon to get playing. Upon first starting the game, go ahead and tap on Play to get started immediately.

How do you fish on Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Steps. Take both a Master Farmer and a Master Scientist to the pond and drop them in. They will retrieve algae-eating fish and bring them to the ocean. Once enough algae-eating fish are transported to the ocean, the algae will clear and your villagers can fish again.

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How do you get better at Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Assign villagers to repair all of the completed huts you’ve built, including the one used for romance. Create a stew using three herbs from the red flower on the east side of the village near the dam. Feed it to a villager to give him a burst of energy that makes him want to exercise, which boosts his building skill.

How do you start a farm in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Origins 2. Crops can be grown after the player researches farming level 1. Crops take approximately 4 hours to grow back and a total of 800 crops are produced per harvest.

Who is the golden child in virtual villagers?

With Puzzle 5 and 12 completed, and Level 3 of Fertility, put a nursing mother in the lagoon. The child will become The Golden Child. As long as the previous puzzle is finished, put The Golden Child on the magic garden discovered in Puzzle 9. Butterflies will appear and follow The Golden Child.

How do you get unlimited tech points on Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

How do I earn Tech Points? Tech Points can be earned by having Scientists research at the Research Table. The more experienced your Scientist is, the more tech points they will earn. They can also be found in certain events around the Island, watching ads, and in Random Events.

How do you teach your villagers to fish in virtual villagers?

Place a master scientist or farmer into the round pond. You may have to put him in the pond again if he tries to leave. He will walk around the pond for a short time and then walk out with a fish. The villager will take the fish to the ocean and throw it in.

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How do you get more food on Virtual Villagers?

Your only alternative to berries and mushrooms is to unlock Farming Technology level two or three. Second level farming costs 12,000 tech points and allows you to plant crops in the field, which provides a great source of additional food.

How do you get the master farmer in virtual villagers?

Master Villager

  1. Farming: Farming includes harvesting blueberries, crops or fishing.
  2. Building: Building a hut or special buildings can contribute to this skill.
  3. Research: Researching at a Research Bench increases research skill.

What does Level 3 Construction do in virtual villagers?

Level 3: Enable villagers to build and repair various structures further.

How do you increase building skills in virtual villagers?

There are two ways to increase a builder’s skill in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City. The first is to keep putting villagers on the huts that they constructed, making sure that their action says, “Fixing hut” (and not “Examining hut”). If they are successful, they will gain building skill.

How do you become a master gatherer in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Just take a villager and gather everthing you can find. A second circuit with the same villager is usually enough for them to be master. A youngster can gather vines and some other things. You can start there.

How do I fix the garden in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Steps. Bring the apple seed laying on the ground beneath the dead tree next to a Crafting Hut to The Garden and wait for the tree to grow and drain water from The Garden.

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How do you get tech points on Virtual Villagers?

Tech (Technology) Points are earned by the villagers when they research at the table just below the long hut. The more experience a villager performing research attains, the higher their rank becomes (Trainee, Adept, and Master) and the more Tech Points they earn.

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