How To Play Thunderstruck On Cello?

Is 2Cellos thunderstruck real?

Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, otherwise known as 2Cellos, have arranged their own version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck from their 1990 album The Razors Edge.

Who are the 2 cello guys?

2CELLOS (stylized 2CΞLLOS) are a Croatian cellist duo, consisting of classically trained cellists, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they have released five albums.

Is thunderstruck easy play?

Thunderstruck is not easy to play, that’s for sure. However, with regular practice, you can master it without problems. If you’re a beginner, don’t try to play it. One must to be at least intermediate guitar player to be able to even begin learning that legendary Thunderstruck riff.

Where are the 2 cellos from?

Many beginning musicians wonder, “Is cello hard to learn?” The process of learning the cello is not difficult, but it’s important to keep in mind that the cello is not an instrument of instant gratification. It does require focused, daily practice time and a good teacher to guide you along the way.

Is thunderstruck on Netflix?

Yes, Thunderstruck is now available on American Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on October 3, 2017.

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Is Benedetta dating Hauser?

We do, however, know that her name is Benedetta Caretta. Hauser has been dating the Italian singer for over a year now. Hauser and Benedetta – who he calls Señorita – have performed together since at least November 2019.

Why did 2CELLOS break up?

Šulić and Stjepan Hauser decided to part ways two years ago to focus on their own projects after a hectic 8 years together touring the world.

Are 2CELLOS back together?

ZAGREB, 31 Janaury 2020 – Croatia’s world-famous cello duo are set to return next year after a break pursuing their individual careers. Speaking to RTL Direkt, Luka Sulic confirmed that the duo will reunite in 2021 after splitting last year.

Why can’t I play Thunderstruck?

Most likely the problem is that your hands are not in sync. Just slow it down. If you can’t play something, the best thing to do is to slow it down.

Why is thunderstruck so popular?

“Thunderstruck” was the perfect starter for The Razor’s Edge with its polarizing appeal. The song’s inspiration was an urban legend of how Angus’ plane was hit by lightning, but in the 2003 re-release of The Razor’s Edge, Angus Young cleared things with “It started off from a little trick that I had on guitar.

Who is Hauser married to 2020?

Apr 16, 2021 · Anna …. Apr 16, 2020 · Stjepan Hauser, one half of the popular Croatian duo 2Cellos, and his stunning Italian girlfriend Benedetti Caretti are clearly missing each other in …. 14 hours ago — They’re husband and wife, too, so that’s nice. … The Czech legend was staunch when it came to his cello … …

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How long has Hauser been playing the cello?

Hauser began playing the cello when he was 8 years old —that early passion led to his study at Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK. Following his graduation, Hauser joined fellow cellist Luka Šulić to become 2CELLOS, a duo that would catapult to global success creating viral cello version of popular music.

How do you pronounce the instrument cello?


  1. (Received Pronunciation) IPA: /ˈsɛləʊ/
  2. (US) IPA: /ˈsɛloʊ/
  3. Rhymes: -ɛləʊ

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