How To Play Skywars Minecraft?

What server is Skywars?

CubeCraft might be a familiar name to long-term players of Minecraft. It’s the server that pioneered popular multiplayer games like SkyWars and we’re delighted to be bringing their work to more Minecraft players!

What is the best kit for SkyWars?

For me the best Skywars Kit’s:

  • Lumberjack – Normal / Op Chest.
  • Iron Golem – Basics Chest.
  • Swrodsman – Basics Chest.

How do you get good at Bedwars?

Best ways to win at Minecraft Bedwars

  1. 5) Use the butterfly defense method. The well-known butterfly defense technique is a proven way to ensure a quick and easy layer of defense on the home bed.
  2. 4) Get better at PvP.
  3. 3) Install Lunar Client or another PvP client.
  4. 2) Play the Bedwars practice mode.

How do you join Skywars server?


  1. Open up the compass, the “Navigator” in your inventory and click on “Mini-Game Selector”.
  2. Find SkyWars and click to join a game!
  3. Alternatively, you can walk up to our NPCs and tap to join a game!

Where can u play Skywars?

Many Minecraft servers host Skywars games, including some of the big ones like Hypixel, Mineplex, or Arkham Network. Go online and join your favorite. If you heard about Skywars from a friend or a YouTuber, ask them which server they play on. Select a Skywars game.

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How do you join Bedwars commands?

Active Member. As many of you veterans or general Skywars fanatics, you may know the command: /play solo_insane or /play teams_normal. This command is a quick way to join game from game.

How do you whisper in Bedwars?

You can use the “/whisper” or “/w” command to whisper to any player on the server.

What does the Enderman kit do in Skywars?

It is a good Rushing Kit, and is known for it’s ability to be able to finish off running players with it’s teleport ability.

How do I unlock my Skywars kit?

Unlock kits by either buying them with coins (earn coins by kills, quests, and winning games) or by using the soul well (requires 10 souls for 1 roll, get souls by killing people). You can also get souls/coins from the daily reward card. 2.

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