How To Play Silent Hunter 5 Without Uplay?

Can you play Silent Hunter 5 offline?

As I know with the UBI version you can play offline. Just go to the ubi settings and put it in offline modus.

How do you get Silent Hunter 5 TO WORK?

Enter the activation key for the Uplay game you want to activate, (i.e., Silent Hunter 5, Assassin’s Creed, whatever). 8. Once the game is registered and the key is accepted, click on “GAMES” and you should see the logo for your game. Click on it, then click on “Play”.

Is Silent Hunter 5 hard?

GameZone’s Steven Hopper said, “The game offers some deep elements, but the overwhelming interface and steep learning curve make it very difficult to get into. GameSpot’s Brett Todd said, “Silent Hunter 5 has promise, but this buggy and unstable game needs to be sent back to the drydock for some serious refitting.”

How do you resupply in Silent Hunter 5?

You need to be in a specific campaign (Drumbeat and Distant Waters). When you talk to your Flotilla CO to get your patrol orders, your first one will be to rendezvous with U-47something. From then on you can resupply when near that objective marker.

Will there be a Silent Hunter 6?

It is highly unlikely that there will be Silent Hunter 6.

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Which Silent Hunter is best?

SH5 is IMO the best Silent Hunter game but its still plagued with many bugs and you need a super computer to run it

Is Silent Hunter multiplayer?

The game offers single-player and multiplayer missions. Players were able to connect with other Silent Hunter II players, and engage in sub vs. sub combat. Furthermore, connectivity to the separate game Destroyer Command (also released by Ubisoft) was available, which enabled sub and surface ship combat.

Is Silent Hunter free?

Silent Hunter Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game in which you…

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