How To Play Melee Competitively?

How do you get into competitive Melee?

How do I start getting into competitive melee?

  1. Download dolphin and get your hands on a melee rom. You’ll need a USB gamecube controller adapter you can find here.
  2. Pick a character you enjoy playing.
  3. Learn this.
  4. Play a lot on smashladder or a community discord channel.
  5. Read stuff on here.

What version of Melee is played competitively?

The latest local version. So in NTSC regions it is 1.0. 2 and in PAL it is the PAL version.

Is competitive Melee dead?

The fact that the competitive smash scene is alive and breathing is thanks to its dedicated players and fans, most of the time people who’ve been here since the beginning.

Why is melee so difficult?

In melee, the timing is different, and if you hit the c-stick immediately, the fair won’t come out. You have to wait some specific number of frames or you just empty hop. This is just one (weird, specific) example, I know, but it’s these kind of things that make melee feel so frustrating and impossible for me.

Is melee hard to get into?

I’m just going to come right out and say it, Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube is a challenging game to get into in this day and age. There is just something about Melee that checks all right boxes for the competitive mindset, but that still doesn’t make it any easier to start playing competitively.

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How are people so fast in Melee?

The point is, Melee is really fast. Players press a lot of buttons. When a pro player sees a situation unfold, they instantly recognize the most effective option to choose because they have been in the same situation a thousand times. It isn’t something they react to… it is something they feel.

Who are 5 gods smash?

Currently – the Platinum Era – the best players of Melee, colloquially known as the “Five Gods”, are Mew2King, Joseph “Mango” Marquez, Kevin “PPMD” Nanney (formerly known as Dr. PeePee), Adam “Armada” Lindgren, and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma.

Is Ludwig good at Melee?

Ludwig is a Californian Melee Jigglypuff main. He has also commentated many Melee tournaments, such as GENESIS 6 and Smash the Record 2017. He is best-known for his content creation on Twitch and YouTube, and as of April 2021 is the most-subbed streamer on the former.

Who is the best Melee player right now?

Currently, the best Melee player in the world is Hungrybox. To this day, he still consistently finishes at least in the top 5 of nearly every tournament he enters.

Is melee harder than Ultimate?

With more speed, the game is melee naturally technically harder. Not only that, but the tech is far more unforgiving. So I dont think anyone can argue that melee is eons far beyond more technically difficult than Ultimate.

Did mew2king quit melee?

After the release of Ultimate, M2K would focus largely on the new game, essentially ” soft-retiring” from Melee. He briefly returned to the Melee scene in October at The Big House 9, defeating iBDW and Hungrybox before falling to Zain and Fiction.

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Is Super Smash Flash shutting down?

Many of you probably already know that the end of Flash Player support arrived today, with the full transition to being globally disabled arriving on January 12th, 2021.

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