How To Play Bubble Mania?

How many levels are on bubble mania?

The addiction lies in the fact that it has 2200 levels.

Why is bubble mania not working?

Try to restart your iPhone / iPad. Press the power off button for few seconds and then choose restart from the menu to restart your device. Now you can try opening the app, it may work fine. Finally, if you can’t fix it with anything, you may need to uninstall the app and re-install it.

Is bubble mania free?

The bubble saga comes to life with cute characters, incredible animations and amazing music! FREE updates with new puzzles and powers! Bubble Mania is totally free to play and download, and is constantly being updated! Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to download additional levels.

How do you get a high score on bubble mania?

The more bubbles you remove at one time the more points you will score.

  1. Once you have progressed in the game, you will unlock boosts.
  2. Extra bubbles grants you extra bubbles to throw.
  3. Long aim line extends your aim, helping with accuracy.
  4. Super scorer doubles your final score.
  5. Coins are used to purchase boosts.
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What is bubble app kpop?

The dream came true for many fans in February last year, when S.M. Entertainment launched a new service called “DearU bubble,” often shortened to just bubble, on community app Lysn. The service provides a private space that looks a lot like a private chat room, connecting fans with the artists they love.

What are coins used for in bubble pop?

Coins are used to purchase boosters to help you in the game.

What are the coins for in Jewel Mania?

Silver Coins – This is the basic game currency and what you are awarded when you complete a level. You will even win a small amount of currency if you lose the turn. You start the game with five hundred silver coins.

What are the coins for in bubble pop?

These coins are kept in a piggy bank, and if you collect more than a certain amount of coins, you can buy them at an affordable price. By collecting the amount of coins presented, you can buy all the coins immediately, or you can keep collecting them for an affordable price.

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