FAQ: How To Play Youtube In Background Android 2020?

Can the YouTube app play in the background?

Playing YouTube videos in the background in Android can be done with both Firefox and Google Chrome. You can use either browser, but your version of Chrome must be version 54 or higher. Make sure to type “youtube.com” in the URL entry, as tapping YouTube in Google search results will usually cause it to open the app.

How do I make youtube play in the background 2020?

Swipe the control center up and tap the Play button. Then swipe the control center down and continue with your work. 7. The video is playing in the background or with the screen off.

Why is my YouTube not playing in the background?

Restart the YouTube app or reboot your device If the YouTube app or your mobile device has been running for some time, there may not be enough resources for background play to work smoothly. Try closing the YouTube app or rebooting your phone.

How do I get YouTube to play in background premium?

Background play is available on YouTube mobile apps when you’re signed in with your YouTube Premium membership account. By default, videos will always play in the background. Select Background Play under “Background & Downloads.”

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How do I get YouTube to play while playing other apps?

For Android * Go to settings (the three dots on the top right corner) and tap on the desktop tab. * You’ll be redirected to the desktop site of YouTube. * Play any music video you want to here and it will keep playing in the background while you use other apps or turn off the screen.

Why the YouTube is not working?

Open the settings menu on your device, tap on “Apps,” and select YouTube. The next step is to choose “Storage,” which will bring up two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Clear the cache first and check if YouTube now works as it should. If it doesn’t, go back and clear data to see if that solves the problem.

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