FAQ: How To Play Live Wire Motley Crue?

What tuning is Live Wire Motley Crue?

As usual for Motley Crue, Mick Mars tunes his guitar to D Standard. That means every string is tuned down one whole-step. Those notes are, starting from the 6th string, D G C F A D.

When was Motley Crue Live Wire released?


What is neutral and live wire?

Live, neutral and earth mains wires In a plug, the live wire (brown) and the neutral wire (blue) are the two wires that form the complete circuit with a household appliance. The earth wire (green and yellow) does not normally form part of the circuit and is included as a safety wire.

What is Motley Crue’s most famous song?

Top 10 Motley Crue Songs

  • 10. ” Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)” (Dr.
  • 9. ” Primal Scream” (Decade of Decadence, 1991)
  • 8. ” Looks That Kill” (Shout at the Devil, 1983)
  • 7. ” Home Sweet Home” (Decade of Decadence, 1991)
  • 6. ” Kickstart My Heart” (Dr.
  • 5. ” Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” (Dr.
  • 4. ”
  • 3. “
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How old is Tommy Lee?

Thomas Lee Bass ( born October 3, 1962 ) is an American musician and founding member of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. As well as being the band’s long-term drummer, Lee founded rap metal band Methods of Mayhem, and has pursued solo musical projects.

What was Motley Crues first hit?

Motley Crue made their debut with ‘Live Wire,’ the first single from the group’s independent debut album ‘Too Fast for Love.

Who is on the cover of Too Fast For Love Motley Crue?

There are three known vinyl pressings of the Leathür Records version, along with one known cassette. The first vinyl pressing had white lettering on the cover and the record label was white with black lettering. The back cover photo of Vince Neil shows him with a large airbrushed hairdo.

How many copies of Too Fast For Love were sold?

Too Fast For Love was an incredible first offering from Mötley Crüe and with a cover art design reminiscent of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, Mötley Crüe were demanding the world sit up and take notice and notice they did for the RIAA (Record Industry Association Of America) has certified Too Fast For Love as

How many albums did too fast for love sell?

Despite depending on an independent distributor to push Too Fast for Love into record stores, the band’s bassist and chief songwriter boasted that “within four months, however, we had sold 20,000 albums!”

How much is Motley Crue worth?

And, when we combine the net worth of the four Motley Crue members, we get our answer: Motley Crue is worth a very respectable $235 million.

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Who is on the cover of Live Wire?

Hear Meghan Kabir’s ‘Moody, Dark’ Cover of Motley Crue’s ‘Live Wire’ One of the biggest surprises in Motley Crue’s The Dirt movie is hearing their early single “Live Wire” transformed from an aggressive riff-rocker into a hypnotic ballad by Meghan Kabir.

Who did live wire on American Idol?

Casey Bishop set the American Idol stage on fire with an electrifying cover of Motley Crue’s “Live Wire.” On Sunday, May 16, the Idol contestant gave the first time performance of her debut single “Love Me, Leave Me” before bursting into a cover of an iconic Motley Crue hit.

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