FAQ: How To Make A Line Play Account?

How do I create a line app account?

To create an account, download LINE, launch the app, and tap Sign up. A channel forms the connection between your app and the LINE Platform. Create a channel within the provider.

Does line play delete inactive accounts?

LINE reserves the right to delete any Account that has been inactive for a period of one (1) year or more since its last activation, without any prior notice to the relevant User. Each Account in the Service is for exclusive use and belongs solely to the User of such Account.

Can you get line play on computer?

Download LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World on PC with MEmu Android Emulator. Enjoy playing on big screen. Be the best you!

How do you get rich in line play?

Get Rich is a Character Gacha. Purchasing an item from this gacha costs 3,000 Gems a turn. However, for 27,000 Gems on the first turn, a player can receive 10x items at once. Further purchasing 10x items will cost 30,000 Gems.

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Can I have 2 LINE accounts?

With the LINE lite app you can easily access the same LINE account on two devices. For Android device users, using a clone app means that you can use two different accounts on the same device without having to root the device.

Can I create a LINE account without phone number?

You can register the LINE app without a phone number if you register your account using your email. To do this, choose the option “Access with Email” and then enter your email. The verification code will arrive at your email.

Do line accounts get deleted?

– Uninstalling or deleting the LINE app will not delete your account. – When you delete your account, all related data will also be deleted, including your purchased stickers, Coins, registered phone number, friends, groups, chat history, and registration with other authorized apps (e.g. LINE games, LINE PLAY).

Does LINE PLAY delete your account?

If you delete the account linked to LINE PLAY, your avatar will also be deleted. Your LINE PLAY account cannot be recovered, so please take note when considering deleting your login account. No, your Facebook and Twitter account information will be used solely to log in to LINE PLAY.

How do I delete an avatar line?

You can delete your avatar by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Profile, then Delete Avatar.
  3. Read the warning message. If you are sure you want to delete your avatar, enter the 4-digit code and tap Delete.

How do you create an avatar line?

The feature is accessible via the profile page and requires users to take a selfie using their phone’s camera after choosing the “Avatar” option and tapping on “Create”. Additionally, users can also attach their avatar into a newly taken photo and share it with their LINE friends.

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Is LINE PLAY safe?

The Line app comes with a lot of attractive messaging features. As with many other social media apps, Line has found a place in the heart of many teenagers. However, the app is not safe from malicious activities like cyberbullying, sexting, and pornography.

How do you get lucky powder in line play?

There are differences in the effects of Lucky Powders based on their type. You can get them as event or quests rewards as well as buy them at the Atelier Shop.

How do you level up in line play?

The Upgrade feature allows players to upgrade a certain Gachapon item to have a higher rarity. The upgraded item usually has a unique, special animation and appearance. To upgrade an item, go to the Gacha Shop list and select the Gacha that has an UPGRADE tag. If you have all required items, you’ll be able to upgrade.

How do you get stars in line play?

How To Collect Stars

  1. Collecting stars from the Today’s Gift Log (found in the Quests list). It can get you up to VIP Gold each month before it resets.
  2. Stars are given as a bonus for purchasing Gems, Cash, or Hearts from the Charge Store with real life money.

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