Fire Jumpers - the Wildfire Fighting Game

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The stories behind the levels:

Missions 1:

Stranded Hikers: Lightning has sparked a blaze on this forested island trapping hikers.

Camp Fire: A traffic accident on a remote highway has caused a fire that is being pushed towards a nearby camp.

Malibu (USA): Dry brush, hot desert winds and discarded cigarettes are a bad combination for multi-million dollar mansions in Southern California.

Hawaii (USA): A volcano in Hawaii has roared to life with lava flows igniting fires on the dense forested slopes.

Long Island (USA): An untended campfire has started a fire on New York’s Long Island trapping numerous hikers and sightseers.

Plane Crash (Canada): A plane crash near the Northern Ontario town of Dryden sparks a fire. The passengers have all survived, but need to be rescued in a hurry.

Bonus!: Ministry of Natural Resources Water Bombers parked at the Dryden Airport.

Everglades (USA): An unexpected change in wind direction has caused a prescribed burn in Florida’s Everglades to get out of control, threatening nearby houses.

Central Park (USA): Central Park is the jewel of New York City. Urban parks are usually too well irrigated (and close to fire services) to burn, but what if?

4th of July (USA): A backyard 4th of July fireworks display has triggered a wildfire in a ravine, threatening a whole neighborhood.

Stanley Park (Canada): Stanley Park is an urban park near the heart of Vancouver. It is 10% bigger than Central Park.

Prairie Fire: Grassfires sparked by lightning are a natural part of many prairie ecosystems, but this one threatens a town.

Muskoka Islands (Canada): Intense lightning has started numerous fires across multiple islands in Canada's Lake Muskoka.

Ski Resort: A rival ski resort operator has set an arson fire in during the off-season in hopes that there will be less competition next winter.

Golden Gate Park (USA): Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is over three miles long.

Wall of Fire: A mile-wide grassfire started by sparks from a train threatens to engulf a small town.

Missions 2:

High Park (Canada): High Park is a large park in Toronto, one-third of which is preserved in its natural state, with a rare oak savannah ecology.

LNG Terminal (UK): An industrial accident at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the UK threatens a nearby town.

Hong Kong Beach (China): A lightning-sparked wildfire is fanned towards Shek O Village, a seaside town near Hong Kong.

Refinery Row (USA): An industrial accident at an oil refinery in New Jersey threatens other facilities and a nearby town.

Stirling Park (Australia): Multiple fires set by an arsonist in Canberra’s Stirling Park now threaten homes and government buildings.

Orlando (USA): A cigarette-sparked wildfire threatens a popular theme park.

Wilson's Island: Explosions in fuel storage tanks ignite a blaze on a densely-forested island.

Hampton Court (UK): Hampton Court Palace and its grounds were once owned by King Henry the VIII.

Catalonia (Spain): An truck engine fire has caused a massive wildfire that threatens a picturesque Spanish town.

Westchester (USA): A malfunction in the methane venting system for a golf course that was built on a landfill causes an explosion and fire.

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