Fire Jumpers - the Wildfire Fighting Game

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Real locations from around the world Randomized fire means a different burn each time
Magnifier shows what's under your finger for those precision drops Watch out for explosives!

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Cut TeamCut Teams: Build firebreaks. HellicopterHelicopters: Drop water and transport units.
Hose TeamHose Teams: Spray water. Water BomberWater Bombers: Drop lots of water!
HydrantHydrants: Provide water for hose teams. ExplosivesExplosives: Go Boom!


Throughout the game you will see examples of incredible wildfire images. Click this icon camera icon to see the full background image, along with the photo credit. If you have an awesome wildfire image, send it to us and we might include it in a future release!

Photo of a tree top fire.
Credit: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Photo of a hillside fire, with two deer silhouetted in the foreground.
Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture


Boot Camp:

  • Helicopter Training
  • Cut Team Training
  • Hose Team Training
  • Water Bomber Training
  • Integrated Training

Missions 1:

  • Stranded Hikers
  • Camp Fire
  • Malibu - USA
  • Hawaii - USA
  • Long Island - USA
  • Plane Crash - Canada
  • Everglades- USA
  • Central Park - USA
  • 4th of July - USA
  • Stanley Park - Canada
  • Prairie Fire
  • Muskoka Islands - Canada
  • Ski Resort
  • Golden Gate Park - USA
  • Wall of Fire

Missions 2:

  • High Park - Canada
  • LNG Terminal - UK
  • Hong Kong Beach - China
  • Refinery Row - USA
  • Stirling Park - Australia
  • Orlando - USA
  • Wilson's Island - Canada
  • Hampton Court - UK
  • Catalonia - Spain
  • Westchester - USA
... and each level has a story!


Giving Back:

Firefighters 1st logo

To acknowledge the incredible service of the people who confront wildfires in the real world, Redblox Games donates 5% of all sales from Fire Jumpers to Firefighters1st. Firefighters1st is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safety and the sustainability of North America’s volunteer fire service. Firefighters1st was formed to contribute to the sustainability of the volunteer fire service in North America. By acting as a highly effective target for corporations and citizens to donate to, Firefighters1st provides tools, training and education to keep firefighters and the public they serve safe.

About the Developer:

Redblox Games Inc. is a Canadian indie game company devoted to developing innovative, engaging games both in-house and for our clients.

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And please - keep wildfires where they belong - on your phone!!!

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